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Changing The World One Person and One Creation At A Time.

Thank you for stopping by the site and we're glad you're here!

Life is about people, and Artisanship is about connecting with and inspiring people through your passion and to help improve someone's life.

We all can do this with three things:

- Love

- Commitment

- Courage

I love what I do and I pour that love into every piece that I make. I’m committed to providing the best experience possible and taking the time to ensure things are done right. By taking a leap of faith with sharing my story and showcasing these pieces to you, my desire is that a connection will be made.

I've committed myself to the mission of leaving this world a better place than I found it, and that’s why a portion of all proceeds go toward cancer research in honor of one of my dear friends, as well as my father in law, and all those that have fought this battle.

We also partner with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every item sold.

 At the end of the day always remember that life is about people and you have a chance to impact and change someone’s life every single day. And together we can truly make a difference and leave our mark on the world.

Life is short. Take a risk, follow your dreams, help someone, and live the life you always imagined. It's never too late.

Thank you again and welcome to Christiani.  

At your service,

Christiani Modern Wood Designs (CMWD)

Our Mission: About Us
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